KFC Corporation is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain with more than 17 000 restaurants in 115 countries worldwide.

Since opening the first restaurant until now, the chain created by Colonel Sanders is one of the most popular and fastest growing in the world.

More than 70 years the unique KFC taste attracts fans of the delicious food. One of the reasons is the unique secret recipe of Colonel Sanders made up from 11 herbs and spices.

Our chicken is delivered freshly chilled every day from Bulgarian manufacturer. The chicken is prepared manually by our chefs in restaurants, just before being served.

The lovers of fine food may enjoy the popular chicken, prepared by the original recipe, the crispy spicy wings or the juicy KFC strips in various combinations, the freshly prepared sandwiches and menus, including the popular buckets of chicken wings or strips, Box Menu, Zinger and Twister.


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