Reserved spring 2023 campaign

The new Reserved campaign for spring 2023, photographed by Mateusz Stankiewicz, is dominated by simple and practical silhouettes, however not devoid of decorative elements or references to the most important trends of the spring season. Elements of the past, drawing upon European heritage, are combined with modern classics, and more formal models with more casual ones.

Reserved's propositions for spring build a pragmatic capsule wardrobe ideal for a woman who wants to stay up to date but is looking for clothes that will last more than one season. The need for practicality will be satisfied with a beige oversized double-breasted trench coat, a black suit with a fitted jacket or a blue satin shirt. The classic base will be diversified by lace sets, dresses and blouses decorated with frills or floral print clothes that are the quintessence of spring.

The colours have been much calmed down, the propositions are kept in a modest palette of beige, off-white, black and blue, with the addition of sage green or smoky pink, and the patterns are limited to a minimum. Hence the floral print in different sizes on a black and white background used to decorate dresses, trousers or light shirts. But what matters much more than a specific pattern is the texture of the fabric: lace, embroidery, jacquard, structural jersey or openwork knitwear. There are both total looks and crochet inserts, knitted frills and embroidered accents, as well as ruffles, quilting or decorative edges.

The whole is ethereal and structured at the same time, putting in opposition such contrasting elements as raw denim or technical fabrics with transparent knits or decorative details. It is a modern version of the urban uniform, comfortable and utilitarian, complete in terms of functionality and sparse decorations. In literature, there is the magical realism, here in fashion, we are dealing with utilitarian realism, but not without a bit of magic or etherealness.

The photo session took place in the Canary Islands. The green background of exotic plants and white, rough walls perfectly reflects the essential character of the spring edition of the Reserved brand. The collection is modelled by Candice Shepstone from Johannesburg, appearing more and more often on the most important catwalks. The stylizations were prepared by Karla Gruszecka, one of the most recognized Polish stylists of the young generation.

The spring Reserved collection will be available for sale from March 14, 2023.

Photo: Mateusz Stankiewicz @mateusz.stankiewicz
Video: Bart Pogoda @bartpogoda
Talent: Candice Shepstone @candyshepstone
Stylist: Karla Gruszecka @karlagruszecka
Hair: Michał Bielecki @michalbielecki_
Make up: Wilson @wilsonwillofficial
Production: Warsaw Creatives @warsawcreatives