Dilyana Popova, the Maldives, the perfect summer...

When we dream of a perfect vacation, we usually imagine remote exotic islands, endless beaches with white sand and emerald waters... The image of a beautiful woman helps to capture the beauty of the moment with its natural charm and turns the landscape into a fabulous view. Its elegance, its flirt with the sun and the waves helps us to experience the beauty of nature with all our senses ...

Of course we are talking about the Maldives - the place one visits to be immersed in romance and timelessness. These sand islands have been selected as the location for the exclusive photography session, in which one of the most popular Bulgarians - Dilyana Popova was modelling for the ZEISS VISION CENTER optics, Grand Optics and Joy Optics. Beautiful, elegant, always different, actress, model - such is the heroine of this inspirational story. Because of her impeccable elegance and positive energy, she was selected by one of the most renowned companies in Bulgaria - Joy Fashion, to model for their three chains of optics.

As if her azure cat eyes are an integral part of the fashion trends. Her face has a perfect oval on which all frames of the spring/summer 2019 collections look custom-made. Her beauty was emphasized by the island landscape and the photo session turned into a fascinating film in which new, modern and extremely attractive glasses appear on every frame.

The colours are bold - red, blue, white, and the shapes - varied and unusual.
When it comes to identifying the top trends, we have to start with the cat-eye shaped eyeglasses frames with extremely feminine appearance, although with pronounced sharp edges. The trend appeared in late summer 2018 and is gradually gaining popularity and this summer is expected to be the most popular eyeglasses frame style.

The classic Cat Eye frame retains its strong position - you will never make a mistake if you choose such frames because they fit almost any face shape and give a sense of style and elegance.

At the same time the bold geometric shapes are also considered to be a stylish choice for the season. Their slightly futuristic effect gives a retro feel, adding a touch of extravagance.

If the sharp edges are just not your frame shape, choose sunglasses with round glasses. The shape is among the most trendy and fashionable for 2019, especially when the frame is oversized.

As about the choice of glasses, you can boldly rely on the extremes. If you want to be fashionable, this summer you have to wear clear frame glasses, that quickly gained immense popularity. However, the facial expression is an important part of the summer flirtation - you can emphasize it with clear frame glasses in your preferred colour.

If you want to preserve your intriguing and mysterious look, choose mirrored glasses . With this stylish, impressive and spectacular eyeglasses, you can not go unnoticed.

And the culmination of your perfect summer - flowers and beads are among the latest trends this season, especially if you spend your time at the beach.

Wherever you are, however - in the office, in the city or among nature, prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complement your style. Therefore, add a pinch of luxury to your summer with eyeglasses from ZEISS VISION CENTER, Grand Optics and Joy Optics stores. For more information visit www.grandoptics.bg or www.joyoptics.bg

Photographer: Kostadin Krustev - Koko