Eco Fresh

ECO FRESH – Dry cleaning of garments, wet cleaning, dyeing of leathers and textiles, laundry of bed linen, carpets and blankets, steam ironing.

The most modern and new world technology in the cleaning, for your clothes to look like brand new. Qualitatively cleaning of your clothes needs professionalism of modern technology and personal service – That’s us .Trust us your clothes and take advantage of our special prices, of our bonus system for loyal customers, as well as European level of service.

Put an end to the tedious search for a tailor for the repair of your garment - Our studio offers a full range of small–ware and available tailor - corrector, which just in 30 minutes will sew your torn knob, baggy hem or just adjust your wide pants . We have a whole range of thread, knobs, appliques and materials to revive the effect of your clothes and save you time from tedious search of professionals.

Eco Fresh - returns the life of your clothes and makes you enjoy life. If you want to be noticed - select the quality of ECO FRESH.


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