From June 24 to August 24, come at level 1 in Galleria Burgas and immerse yourself in the world of reptiles - mysterious and unknown!

Zamination and “ЗмиярникЪ“ are guests at Galleria Burgas with a specially selected terrarium exposition, where you will be able to meet rare species of reptiles, and professionals in the field will tell in detail about them, their way of life, habitat, feeding and other interesting facts and events from actual encounters of these specimens with humans. For those of you who have a phobia of reptiles, we guarantee that we will help overcome it!

You have the opportunity to get acquainted with some little-known and unpopular species of snakes from different regions of the world:

Forest cobra - a little-known species that is a challenge for the inhabitants of African forest areas;
Sand Poisoners – known as Effies and responsible for the highest mortality rate among humans unfortunate enough to encounter them;
Gyurza - the snake with the most expensive poison, or at least that's what the rumor is saying;
Cascavella – the deadliest rattlesnake;
Striped Rattlesnake – an aggressive and attacking animal that found a place on the first flag of the US Navy;
Texas rattlesnake, albino - the only specimen of its kind on the Balkans;
Black-throated monitor – peaceful and calm, but hiding the potential of its huge Komodo cousin;
Vipers - the dangerous poisoners of our country.

Of course, we have tried to satisfy the wishes of the more daring - we also present several types of reptiles that are not poisonous and are safe for humans. Anyone who wants to will be able to touch them or take a picture for a good memory.
The exposition of more than 30 types of rare specimens works every day between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.