Golden Rose

Since 1983 Erkul Cosmetics, is one of the leading companies in the cosmetics sector with its high-quality products and reasonable price policy.

Under the brand names Golden Rose, Classics and Miss Selene, Erkul Cosmetics successfully presents its consumers various cosmetics products such as nail polish, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, powder, blush-on, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and perfume.

Most of the Erkul Cosmetics products are exported to 86 countries. Erkul Cosmetics is a cosmetic product manufacturer, well-known all over the world with the successes in cosmetic sector. It follows the inovations in the cosmetic sector and implements them immediately, increases trading capacity day by day, has a worldwide reputation in color make-up production and its products are used, trusted and appreciated by woman all around the world.

Erkul Cosmetics has a very wide color and product range;
which is appreciated by the women of Turkey and all aroind of the world and is one of the world's five leader nail lacquer manufacturer companies.

HIGH QUALITY RAW MATERIALS; used in the production are imported from the European countries and the United States. After being designed, packaged, labeled and packed in our integrated factories established on 50.000m2 area, Erkul cosmetics products start their journey to make women all around the world more beautiful and elegant.

"World of Beauty" welcomes you
Erkul Cosmetics is highly aware that, the cosmetics products are directly linked to human health. Therefore it gives the extreme importance to hygiene with continuous tests and analyses done in its laboratories at the R&D and production stages.

Vision & Mission
Erkul Cosmetics, the manufacturer of color cosmetics products for 25 years, is one of the biggest cosmetics manufacturers of the world, specialized on color cosmetics and especially nail laquer manifacturing.

Our missions are to supply the best qualified products with the most competitive prices and to launch new cosmetics products with an innovative vision by using adcanced technologies for the best customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy
Cosmetics regulations are revised according to the Law of Harmonization Code of the European Union on 23.05.2005. Erkul Cosmetics fulfills all the responsibilities according to new regulations.

Quality Control tests are done by an experienced team with modern equipments in our own laboratories according to international standarts.

Our products are also being tested in the European Laboratories which have accreditation certificates.

All the tests are done according to standards that are approved by Colipa (The European Cosmetics Association) by the experienced staff of the European Laboratories.

With the consciousness of responsibilities to the European customers, all the obligations towards European Chemical Agency (ECHA) are fulfilled by the mediation of "Crad Cambrige" as a part of REACH Low.


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