Power & Beauty

"Power and Beauty" is a company specialized in trading with nutritional supplements and fitness equipment. The company was established in 2002 and since then it is constantly growing.

"Power and Beauty" is an importer and official representative of more than 15 companies producing supplements in the USA including MuscleTech, Ultimate nutrition, Universal, ABB, Optimum Nutrition, Nutrex, Six Stars, VPX, Interactive, Scivation, USP, MHP, API, Controlled labs and more. All products in the catalog of "Power and Beauty" Ltd. are directly imported and have competitive prices on the Bulgarian market. They are widely advertised and known on the Bulgarian market to people who are involved in fitness, bodybuilding and sports in general. For this purpose our company has advertised in specialist publications and leads familiarization campaign in the mass media. It is a sponsor to a number of sports events and numerous prominent Bulgarian athletes.

The company carries the marketing and sales of its products through its own shops, franchise management and distributors throughout the country. Our clients are mainly people engaged actively in sports who lead a healthy lifestyle. Our retail shops are managed by sports and nutritional supplement specialists who have sports education and have knowledge of the latest and most up-to-date sports performance products available on the market.
"Power and Beauty" Ltd. Owns its own registered composite mark in the Patent Office of Bulgaria in the number 75194 of 20.09.2010g.

Under the umbrella of this brand we operate our own stores and respective franchises. It is an already established symbol of quality and excellent service with unrivaled professionalism.


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